Why I will vote for Trump and the Republicans!

In previous posts, I discussed the reasons why I will not vote for any Democrat (you can find those posts here: POST1, POST2, POST3, POST4, POST5, POST6, POST7). In this piece, I will offer a general outline of why I plan to vote for President Trump and Republicans across the board. Take note that these general reasons are discussed in detail in the posts linked above.

It is my view that all of these issues and reasons will receive far better treatment by Trump and the Republicans than they will under any Democrat.

I am voting for the Trump/Pence ticket and all Republicans across the board, for the following reasons:

For the sanctity of human life and all unborn babies. 

For the First Amendment and our rights outlined in it.  

For future Supreme Court justices. 

For the Second Amendment and our rights outlined given in it. 

For the protection of constitutional principles.

For the Electoral College.

For the police and all law enforcement.

For our military and all veterans.

For the protection of our national history, good and bad.

For the protection of our cities and states.

For the right to speak freely and to not be censored by anyone.

For my right to freely and peacefully assemble, regardless of what is happening in the world.

For my right to freely practice my faith without interference from the government–regardless of what is happening in the world. 

For my right to carve a path to personal happiness, as I deem correct.

For my right to leave my home without permission from the state.

For the love of the United States of America.

These reasons comprise my deepest held reasons for voting for Trump/Pence and the Republicans. I believe we are NOT voting for the individuals, we are voting for what those individuals plan to do while in office.

In 2020, we have learned more about the left, than perhaps during any other time. The left offers an opposite mirror image of everything the USA has stood for throughout its history. The Democrats and the left are anti-life, anti-constitution, anti-freedom, anti-police, anti-law enforcement, anti-military, anti-second amendment rights, anti-first amendment rights, anti-Christian, anti-faith, anti-free speech, anti-personal happiness, anti-electoral college, anti-peace, anti-history, and anti-science.  

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