Aedan O’Beirne’s life is about to take a painful turn.  

On a frigid December day, sixty-six hours before Christmas, his wife, Ciara, and theirfive-year-old son, Colin disappear. He has until the first stroke of midnight on Christmas day to find them, or he will lose them forever. 
           In his mission to find his family, he must struggle against his extreme phobias while the minutes and hours tick by. His search transforms him in meaningful and unexpected ways, as he strives to find his loved ones before it is too late. Aedan’s life will never be the same.  
           Absorbing and fast-paced, 39 Sixty takes readers on an exciting and suspenseful ride from the first page to the last. The well-executed plot launches readers into Aedan’s surprise-filled world, as he reacts to each clue he uncovers throughout his sixty-six-hour journey. An impossible to put down thriller, 39 Sixty does not release the reader’s interest until the last page is complete.



Parker Sperry marries Sophia, the beautiful daughter of multi-billionaire Samuel Winstrom. After they enjoy a stunning honeymoon on a remote island, they appear destined for a happy future together, until his new father-in-law invites Parker to work for him.

Winstrom, intent on using invasive biotechnology to change the world, intends to use Parker, a brilliant young neuroscientist, to further his goal to develop frightening brain-altering circuits.

After the reluctant Sperry receives direct threats to the lives of the people closest to him, he agrees to work for the covert venture.

Risking their lives, Parker and Sophia join hands against Winstrom and the dangerous project known as, the Initiative.

Will they stop Winstrom and the Initiative before it’s too late?

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