Science Fiction


Apidae is a perfect land with a perfect hive-like structure and perfect people called Hive Units. Each hive unit is perfectly healthy, with perfect physical characteristics, including perfect body weight, perfect skin, perfect height, and perfect intellect. It is such a perfect land that one can easily wonder why William and Isabelle are desperate to break free. 

It takes little effort for William and Isabelle to learn Apidae’s true repressive nature. Their unlawful love for each other, combined with their desire for self-expression, draws attention from cluster leaders, which results in William’s placement on a permanent watch list.
Through DNA manipulation, Apidae creates defect-free hive units in the lab. The land’s population is controlled by individual brain regulating circuits; hi-tech video cameras, Intelligent Character Recognition Readers, cluster surveillance drones, and the unstoppable pursuit of the frightening Milo intent on the destruction of all disobedient hive units.
Can William and Isabelle escape the crushing control brought by Apidae and its leaders?

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