Shattered – # 1 How Will He Recover?

Inspirational and heart-breaking, this is a love story about a young newly married couple who encounter tragedy while on their honeymoon high in the Rocky Mountains.

In this romance story, Aaron and Kailyn are deeply in-love with bright futures stretching out before them. They plan to raise a family in the stunning and historic Oak Valley, a small town in Illinois. The village is seemingly created for newly married couples and their children—with refreshingly clear streams, ponds, forests, parks, and quiet homes filling the landscape.

After they marry and following their wedding reception, the newlyweds set out on driving trip to their honeymoon location—a beautiful resort set among the peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Not long after a casual stop at a high rest area among the snow-covered peaks, tragedy strikes, and everything changes for them, forever.

This is the first book in Thomas Johnson’s latest series. In this first part, the acclaimed author of 39 SIXTYbrings an inspiring tale of sudden loss, and the resulting pain it brings.

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Shattered – #2 Seeking a new Life

This is the second book in Thomas Johnson’s series, SHATTERED. In this heart-breaking romance story, Johnson continues the account of Aaron Wright’s attempts to restore happiness to his life.

After leaving Poughkeepsie, NY, he journeys west to a town named, Honesta. After setting up camp outside the small town, a vicious spring storm rushes across the region spawning a tornado that devastates the small village.

He races back to Honesta to help those stricken by the horrible storm. As he works his way through the wreckage, and after he helps several people trapped inside crushed buildings, the smart, young, beautiful, and accomplished reporter, Mary Clarke, re-enters his life. She joins him in his quest to help the people in the town and in the process an affection develops between them.

Will the affection between Aaron and Mary grow while he continues a challenging, and often painful, trek across the country?

Shattered #3 will release later in 2019.

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