Journey through the Word of God Synopsis


This study offers a structured environment for Catholics—and all others interested—to learn more about the Catholic faith by delving into Sacred Scripture, and through that effort, learn more about the history of our church.

          Catholics face many challenges in the world. We witness Catholics falling away from the faith, seeking comfort and growth in other churches, or entering a life far removed from Christ. Often, this happens because Catholics have learned what to do regarding the faith (go to Mass, etc.), but they have not learned why they should do those things. Take, for example, attendance at Mass on Sundays and on Holy Days of Obligation—if one hasn’t studied the reasons for such rules, they might ignore the mandate for Mass attendance.

          By studying Scripture at a deeper level, one comes to understand the answers to the questions in a far more personal way, which helps them draw closer to Jesus. That is the hope of this study—to help people grow closer to Christ by learning more about Him. St. Jerome once stated that “Ignorance of Scripture, is ignorance of Christ.” Let us take the great Saint’s words to heart, and by doing so, allow ourselves to become transformed by what we learn (making us better men and women in the process).

          This study presents full books of the Bible in 15 weekly units, with a special emphasis placed on Church teachings. In the gender-specific formats (i.e., men’s study version), we offer challenges to studiers by including thoughts for them to ponder as they study each week’s unit.