Is the COVID19 Pandemic over?

I came across a well-respected site, Issues and Insights. The pieces states the following:

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s latest data, released six days ago, shows that, through Aug. 29, predicted excess deaths have moved below the threshold for excess deaths. (See chart below.) When we last wrote about this, after total deaths had for months exceeded the threshold, the two numbers were moving closer.

Stanford biophysics professor Michael Levitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, says the pandemic might have come to an end.

“CDC excess deaths to 29 Aug. are 14% below baseline as predicted in July. This is the first time since March that delay-corrected death data fell below baseline. Excess death in the Mar.-Aug. 20 COVID-19 season may be over. A huge milestone!” he tweeted Thursday.

Go HERE to read the piece.

I see no reason to rehash previous posts I have published, yet it is important for people to start adding the many data points together to reach a rational opinion. Couple the facts found in the (Issues and Insights) piece with the recent reports that a scant 6% of all COVID19 deaths listed are solely being caused by the virus, and couple the data with the reports that 90% of all COVID19 tests are resulting in a false positive, you will see the picture is much different than we are being told (Go HERE, and HERE and HERE). 

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