I will not vote for a Democrat! Part 7 – Final

This is the seventh and final post in a blog stream outlining why I will not and cannot vote for a Democrat. In this piece, I will summarize previous posts, while adding several additional reasons why I will not, and cannot vote for a Democrat. I believe our freedoms, liberties, and our way of life is at stake.

I  hope you find this post and the blog stream meaningful,

Thomas Johnson

Vice President Biden and Senator Harris comprise the most anti-life ticket in history. They will work tirelessly to expand abortion rights. To date, the USA has killed more than 65,000,000 unborn babies, the present-day equivalent population of 27 states, as follows:

Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Utah, Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming

The Democratic ticket will ensure the slaughter continues. If you support the killing of innocent unborn babies, they are your ticket. If you support life, Trump and all Republicans are your choices.

We have discussed the Democratic Party’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Democrat governors and mayors used draconian measures throughout their lockdowns, and many of their states remain in lockdown or are held down by oppressive mandates. Vice President Biden recently stated that he would lock down the country again and that he would make the wearing of masks a national order. Let us consider that. As schools open, as summer gives way to autumn, as we inch away from the horrors of the coronavirus lockdowns, the Democratic Party candidate for president is saying he would start it up all over again, while amid the start of this year’s flu season, while recovering from the ravages the lockdowns brought (note: the lockdowns brought these ravages, not the virus). Millions would be out of work permanently, companies would be crushed, an era of economic depression would ensue, the country’s productivity would plummet, food would become scarce. Is that what you want for your life or the lives of this nation’s future generations? There are sound arguments to be made that we should never have shut down this country, yet do it again? A nation does not have an on-off switch, it is beyond my grasp (after the last five months) anyone could seriously propose shutting down the country again. If you want the country to reopen fully and get moving again, Vice President should not get your vote. President Trump and the Republicans will open the country and the economy and get this nation moving again.

Vice President Biden supports the Green New Deal, which will cost trillions. He supports the extreme socialism of several Democratic Party members of Congress.

Do you believe socialism can never take root in the USA? Place this discussion in the context of the coronavirus pandemic—our state governments shut us down. State and city leaders on the left mandated so-called social distancing, they have often mandated face mask-wearing, they have threatened citizens with criminal charges when they do not comply, they have forced our churches and temples to close, they have forced people to have no choice but to pray and worship at home, they have had people turning citizens into authorities for breaking rules, they have had hundreds of people stuffed in lines waiting to purchase food, having no ability at times to acquire the necessities of life, they have controlled what medications can be used during the crisis, they have shuttered all businesses, they have told business owners that they will face charges if they reopen before approved. The vast majority of these actions were made worse by Democratic leaders who crushed their states with deeply draconian measures and rules, yet can anyone with a fair mind deny this list is true, and that it proves the government of the USA has done what it wants to its citizens? Vice President Biden supports those actions.

How can anyone doubt that if in this so-called free country, such oppressive measures could be taken against free citizens, that a step to oppressive and permanent socialism can easily be taken? If Vice President Biden is elected, we will have the first president who supports and wants to advance the cause of socialism.

A safe environment forms an important foundation for a civilized and peaceful society. The rioters, looters, and violence makers know most people want a calm and peaceful world, so they use their actions as a form of urban terrorism. Violence, rioting, and looting create fear in the hearts of many people, which is often the essential ingredient used by so-called protestors to force change. Violent protests in Portland have been ongoing for 90 days, with no end in sight. Rioting, looting, and violence have been ongoing for months in Democrat-run cities. However, the Democrats do nothing to stop the carnage.

Consider this chart, which shows major cities suffering from rioting, looting, and violence–all run by Democrats:

The left appears to have little respect for the constitution or the freedoms it provides all citizens as if our founding document gets in the way of their agendas. Many lawsuits have been filed (mainly against Democratic Party governors and mayors) challenging the many draconian rules our leaders have imposed. Yet, think about those realities and ask yourself these questions:

  • Isn’t it troublesome that some governors and mayors, on the left, want to continue locking us down indefinitely?
  • If our rights were going to be taken, as they certainly were during the lockdowns, should lock downs be set for a precise time limit and under precise regulations and rules? Again, the left appears to want no standards and no end to the lockdowns.
  • Shouldn’t all leaders search for ways to end all lockdowns as soon as possible? We know President Trump has desired a finite time for the lockdowns, yet those on the left seem to have a thirst for extending the mandates and lockdowns.
  • The USA is a large country, why is the left always looking for ways to implement a one-size-fits-all solution for every state and every region? Is not this something that should be voted on or at least have serious political deliberations?
  • Why does the left exhibit no concern for the millions suffering from a plethora of other medical issues as a direct result of the lockdowns?
  • Regarding the science, why does the left seem focused on listening to one or two scientists, while objecting to expanding the scope to many scientific opinions?
  • Why does the left treat people of faith differently than others (300 people can go to a grocery store for an hour, yet for months only ten people could go to church)?
  • Who in the government defines what is essential (for me, my faith is essential, it is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment)?
  • Why does the left see no problem with telling free Americans that they “must” live inside their homes for months?
  • During this time of the pandemic, with millions out of work, with the USA suffering, Vice President Biden stated he will raise taxes if he is elected president. Is that the message Americans want to hear, that when they do go back to work, they will have extra taxes taken from them?
  • Vice President stated, if elected, he would shut down the country again if scientists said it was necessary. Is that the path the country wants to take? How many shutdowns until there is no longer a country left?
  • Why has Vice President Biden sided with those who are terrorizing our cities?

The choice could not be clearer. Vice President Biden and the Democrats/left have proved they hold a long list of hatreds, as follows:

They hate traditional values.

They hate innocent unborn babies.

They hate a strong economy.

They hate societal standards and norms.

They hate traditional marriage (one man and one woman).

They hate traditional views of sex/gender (male and female) and support more than 72 different definitions of gender.

They hate teaching our children traditional values and go out of their way to indoctrinate entire generations into believing their lies.

They hate law and order, and support encourages the burning, rioting, looting, and carnage that is ongoing in Democrat cities across the country.

They want to defund police departments.

They hate people of faith.

They hate the Bible and anyone who takes the Bible seriously.

They hate churches, temples, and mosques.

They hate the U.S. Constitution and often treat it as a roadblock to circumvent.

Conversely, the Republicans support and embrace:

Traditional values.

                     They want to protect and save innocent unborn babies.

They strive to make our economy strong.

Societal standards and norms.

Traditional marriage (one man and one woman).

The traditional view of sex/gender, male and female.

They want to teach children academics and traditional civics.

They strongly support law and order, police departments, etc., and they despise what has been going on in the Democrat cities.  

They embrace people of faith.

They embrace the Bible and anyone who takes the Bible seriously.

They honor churches, temples, and mosques.

They honor the U.S. Constitution and see it as our founding document that is intended to provide structure/standard and guidance.

We see a profound difference between President Trump and Vice President Biden. President Trump and the Republicans embrace and love our nation and all those things on the list above. Vice President Biden and the Democrats hate the country, want to transform it into something unrecognizable, and they hate all those things on the list above.

If you want chaos, strife, fewer jobs, far less freedom, far less safety in our streets, legal persecution against people of faith, a continued indoctrination of our children in schools, and a weak future, than vote for Vice President Biden and all downstream Democrats.

If you want a nation with standards, expansive freedoms, peace in our cities, fairness, a strong economy, with people of abiding faith, and a strong future, then vote for President Trump and all downstream Republicans.

A note to anti-Trump people: If you refuse to vote for Trump because you don’t like his policies, than I offer no argument. However, if you refuse to vote for Trump because you do not like him, then I say to you, “grow up and stop thinking like a child.” Whether we like candidates or not is a meaningless metric–what counts is what any given candidate will do for the country. Therefore, if you believe Trump will do better for the country (compared to Biden), than you should vote for Trump. These decisions are too important to make them about personalities–its about who will be the best for the USA

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Johnson

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