I will not vote for a Democrat! Part 6

This is the sixth post in a blog stream outlining why I will not and cannot vote for a Democrat. In this piece, we will examine the many attacks we have seen against traditional families and marriage. While for some, this is not a pressing subject, there are major differences between how the left and the right view these topics. Therefore, this issue constitutes another grave reason not to vote for any Democrat, no matter where they stand on other issues—our freedoms, liberties, and our way of life is at stake.

I  hope you find this post meaningful,

Thomas Johnson


We have created an incredible mess. The chaos is so deep, wide, and pervasive, that many no longer recognize how far we have fallen over the last 30-50 years. Cultural standards and expectations were never fully followed in any generation, there have always been people who simply ignore the refined principles of any given day; however, we are living during historic times in which it seems every convention is tossed aside. I believe this has proved to be harmful to society, and to individuals.

Let us attempt to define the breadth of this mess.

We begin our exploration with the confusion over gender/sex. Not long ago in world history, this subject was simple. God made us male and female – oh, what a wonderfully simple world that was, in which people new/understood/accepted the biological and divine truth that there are but two genders/sexes. In our journey through the chaos/mess we have created (brought to us by those on the left side of the political aisle), we will consider this topic with a somber attitude.

Today, our society has lost its grasp on reality, with more than 72 separate genders listed on various social media platforms (some of this extends to benign forms, such as job applications, etc.). If you doubt this, go HERE. Think about this situation—more than 72 genders! Babies are not born as boys and girls, no, as many as 72 varieties of genders can be applied to those babies. If this insanity was reserved to a small group of free Americans, then most would not care that they no longer maintain a firm grasp on reality—the problem, is these invented “truths” are being taught to our children and form portions of the curriculum in some high schools and colleges.

A painful result of all this confusion regarding gender/sex has caused female athletes to be pushed aside by males claiming to be females. This is a phenomenon that has a crushing impact on female athletes who spent years training for their sport or event, only to be pushed aside and marginalized by a male claiming to be female (again, if you doubt this is true, go HERE or go HERE). How is that fair?

If you doubt the left (Democrats) support these changes, go HERE or go HERE or go HERE.

We have come a long way from, “God made male and female,” and that is beyond doubt not good for our country, or the world.

The journey through the mess we have created continues with couples who choose to live together outside of marriage. As a supporter of individual freedoms, I understand people have the liberty to do as they please, and I would never attempt to take that from them. However, because we have freedom does not imply we should engage in immoral activities just because we can. Our nation, and every country that desires to have a robust, healthy, and happy populace, must encourage people to do proper and moral activities.

God, of course, knows this beyond our understanding, and that is why He created the institution of marriage (authentic marriage remains the union of one man and one woman). The currently frowned-up notion of, “living in sin” has become all but meaningless to those with “enlightened” modern sensibilities; however, fornication (which is committed by couples living together) remains a grave sin, God has never revoked or amended His standards, despite our desire to erase our principles and standards.

Have you noticed how couples today speak in such positive ways regarding living together? They say things like, “I’d would never want to marry a person I didn’t know I could live with,” or “We want to give our relationship a test by living together.” Yet, let is put this practice in God’s perspective by considering these two passages:

But if you are led by the Spirit you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. [Galatians 5:18-21; RSV-CE, italics and bolding added]

Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. On account of these the wrath of God is coming. [Colossians 3:5-6 RSV-CE—Italics and bolding added]

Couples who lived together ignore those passages (and many others in the Bible). Do they do so willfully or out of ignorance? God is not a tyrant, He does not hate us, He does not want to control us, He is not trying to catch us committing sins; rather, God loves Us and He desires a good life for us, He knows living together and fornicating are bad for us. 

These anti-standards agendas are pushed and supported by those on the left side of the aisle. The left hates traditional standards. To them, living together, committing adultery, fornicating, etc., are just extensions of their desire to end all standards.

Moving on we come upon same-sex marriage. This remains a hot button issue, which is confusing considering the left won its battle to have same-sex marriage approved by the Supreme Court.

Despite years of legal approval, many in our culture are not happy because they want everyone to agree that same-sex marriage is a good choice, that those in same-sex marriages are equal to traditional marriages of one man and one woman. This a major reason (along with the desire for no standards) that the left hates people of deep and abiding faith. Those who believe in the Bible, those who practice their faith to the fullest, remain a problem to the left because those of deep faith are unlikely to change their positions (which is what a deep faith implies).

Millions continue to hold traditional views of marriage. This is something many on the left cannot tolerate, which means the best way to change hearts is to take away information (the Bible). There are attempts to pass anti-discrimination laws that would make preaching Biblical truths a crime. This is how far we have come in several decades. Go HERE for a relevant piece.

Will we see a ban on Christianity and the Bible? For now, that is unlikely. Yet, notice how intolerant the Democrat governors and mayors were toward churches during the coronavirus lockdowns, that offers us a sound perspective.

Let us move on to adultery and divorce. Neither is (obviously) good for our culture or for the marriages involved. While many continue to believe adultery is bad, a great many continue to leap into adulterous affairs. While no one desires a divorce, a great many couples continue to break up.

We are a mess. Everything listed above constitutes attacks against traditional families and marriages. Consider these points:

1. When gender and sex no longer mean anything (we can have as many as we want), than the traditional definition of male and female becomes meaningless. If the concept of male and female no longer matters, than how can traditional families and marriage mean anything? Marriage becomes a civil contract that can be made by any configuration of consenting adults…meaningless. 

2. When couples no longer commit to each in marriage but would rather “test” their compatibility by living together, marriage and family become meaningless. Many of those couples never marry, and those who do have a higher rate of divorce when compared to couples who did not live together (go HERE).

3. If same-sex couples are equal to traditional marriage, then in what way is marriage unique? How would we, considering the legal definition of marriage, with any fairness turn down three consenting adults from marrying, or four, or whatever number? 

4. Since divorce and adultery no longer carry the stigmas of the past, what does that say about the sanctity and value of traditional marriage?

5. Everything in this post, when you drilled down to the core, are attacks against traditional families and traditional marriages. We have become akin to a wealthy ship sailing a great sea with absolutely no rudder to guide us to land. We used to have standards that guided us safely through life, they have all been jettisoned from our culture and it is the Democrats/Left that have pushed this agenda for years.

Do standards matter? Many pose that question in the context of discussing traditional values, yet those same people demand standards in the medical community, they demand standards in civil engineering projects (such as bridge building), they rightly demand equal standards be applied across the spectrum of our society, and they would be the first to reject the thought of ejecting those standards. In similar fashion, a nation is held together not by a wish–it is held together by standards, by codes and understandings and values that the large majority agree with. If a bridge is built without meeting standards, the edifice can easily collapse–the same applies to our nation, for without standards, we will collapse.

The act of creating standards means some people must be left out. For instance, if a contractor cannot meet current standards for building a bridge, they will lose contracts–they are left out. God defines His standards, and they have worked well to keep chaos down to a minimum in those countries who have followed those standards; however, today the left wants to erase all societal standards, throw them out, replace them with basically nothing–chaos! 

If you want a society without standards, vote for Vice President Biden and all downstream Democrats. If you desire traditional standards and traditional values, you have one choice, vote for President Trump and all downstream Republicans.

As for me, my choice is easy, I will support and vote for standards and traditional values. I will vote for President Trump and all downstream Republicans.

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