I will not vote for a Democrat! Part 2


It is critical as we move closer to election day, that Americans remember what we have come through this year. Recall, back in March 2020, when President Trump announced a stay-at-home order. It was supposed to last 14 days to prevent overloading hospitals with virus patients. As time passed, we came to realize the hospitals were never overloaded, the ship sent to New York was not needed. The Army field hospital constructed in Seattle was never used. The conversion of McCormick Place into a field hospital was barely used. Yet, still, the left insisted the draconian measures had to remain in place to keep everyone safe. This is a critical point, and one we must never forget: Once we release freedoms and power to the government, those powers will always be used again. 

Despite the early data showing us the virus was not as dangerous as previously thought, Democrat Party governors signed shockingly oppressive restrictions on their states, with draconian measures that attempted to make criminals out of people committing benign actions.

Democratic Party governors refused (and some continue this horrible practice) to release their lockdown power and authority — a historic anti-freedom note never seen in USA history.

Democratic Party governors and mayors threatened to arrest and jail people who broke the rules in even the slightest manner. The hostile verbal attacks against citizens were extraordinary.

Many legal battles were fought to compel Democratic Party leaders to ease restrictions on businesses. It seemed the Democrats did not care about the loss of millions of jobs and the crushing of thousands of businesses.

Democrats belittled anyone who did not agree with wearing a mask (many scientists state masks do not work, go HERE) or who did not agree with the distancing rules–a painful reality that was/is happening in the United States, the so-called home of the free and brave. American citizens treating other citizens if they were immoral criminals, all foisted upon the country by Democratic Party governors and leaders.

Many Democrat governors tightened their oppressive controls whenever people protested the restrictions. In some cases, those same governors asked citizens to file reports with the authorities when they witnessed people breaking the lockdown restrictions (these steps were happening in the United States of America).

The flippant and hostile manner in which Democratic governors ordered the closing of churches, with absolute disregard for our First Amendment rights. Take note: even as the country began opening, churches were well down the list, not considered essential. That word essential–the Democratic governors dictating what is essential and what is not, as if grown adults must have their lives controlled and dictated. At a time of national and worldly crisis, we were told over and over that faith was not essential by those on the left. Who are they to tell us God does not matter?

This has all happened in the United States!

As a Roman Catholic, I can say beyond any doubt that my faith is essential to my life. The act of closing Catholic churches caused deep and direct pain to me and to millions of Catholics (it caused me spiritual starvation the likes of which I never experienced). No matter what other religions teach and believe, it must be noted that the Catholic faith (and the Bible and Sacred Tradition) hold the Eucharist is the Real Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Catholics can only receive the Lord in the Sacrament by going to Mass. The Eucharist is defined as the source and summit of our faith—for months that was taken away, not considered essential until President Trump declared religion essential. Couple that with the other Sacraments being denied (Confession, Anointing of the Sick, etc.). We have witnessed the removal of the most important elements of the Catholic faith, a faith that has 65,000,000 followers in the USA alone. From a Catholic point of view, the country and the world has seen a massive drop in real Graces received by the faithful, people are not having their sins forgiven through confession, those dying are not receiving an anointing before moving on to the Lord. These draconian measures were mainly delivered to us by Democratic leaders, and many restrictions on religion continue to this day. At a time of crisis, leaders on the left have made it clear they do not think God is a viable answer to our problems.

One can spend an hour in a grocery shopping, along with 300 other people, yet for months no more than 10 people could attend Mass or faith services. How twisted is that? How obvious is the soft persecution by such decisions? This is happening in the United States.

Think about the draconian lockdowns in the context of the numbers of deaths officially attributed to COVID19 (many contend those numbers are highly inflated, go HERE). However, let us consider the official numbers. As stated in the first post in this blog stream (go HERE), we have journeyed through the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic with more than 175,000 people (official listings) having died from the virus—it is truly horrible that we lost even one person, though those deaths are not willful human acts, they are acts of nature, and it is well known that once such viruses are in the general population, they are nearly impossible to contain. However, where is the uproar over the tens of thousands of deaths due to other causes? Unlike the ravages caused by the coronavirus, we willfully choose to kill innocent unborn babies. Since the pandemic began, we have killed 450,000 unborn babies through abortion. We have slaughtered two and one-half times the number of virus deaths through abortion, and every day 3,000 more innocents are killed. Where are the protective measures for those innocent lives? We are willing to ruin our economy, and possibly our nation to stop the coronavirus, yet what will we do to stop abortion, cancer, heart disease, or any number of causes of death in this country? 

As the nation began to open, jobs returned much faster than the left had hoped. Democrats and the media attacked opening states for case spikes, ignoring the fact behind those case increases. They used the case spikes to attempt to lockdown states, again!

The left has had a full-on assault on the notion of opening schools. The left claims to follow the science, yet they ignore the mountain of scientific evidence supporting the opening schools. They also seem to care little about the mental and academic health of the millions of young people in this country who do much better in school.

This must be emphasized: Vice President Biden recently stated that he would lock down the country again and that he would make the wearing of masks a national order. Let us consider that. As schools open, as summer gives way to autumn, as we inch away from the horrors of the coronavirus lockdowns, the Democratic Party candidate for president is saying he would start it up all over again, while amid the start of this year’s flu season, while recovering from the ravages the lockdowns brought (note: the lockdowns brought these ravages, not the virus). Vice President Biden states he would lock down the country (again). Millions would be out of work permanently, companies would be crushed, an era of economic depression would ensue, the country’s productivity would plummet, food would become scarce. Is that what you want for your life or the lives of this nation’s future generations? There are sound arguments to be made that we should never have shut down this country, yet do it again? A nation does not have an on-off switch, it is beyond my grasp (after the last five months) anyone could seriously propose shutting down the country again.

We are faced with a simple choice: Do we want freedom (including religious freedom) and the ability to move away from the ravages of shutdowns, or do we want to further damage our country with further lockdowns? The Democrats are ready to do a second national lock down (recall, power taken will always be used again), while President Trump and the GOP want to recover the economy, open fully, and step into the future. The choice belongs to you (continue the pain or move away from the pain). 

My choice is easy. I choose the Lord. I long for the Eucharist. I choose freedom. I never again want to see Catholic churches closed. In future parts, I will discuss many other reasons why I will not, and cannot vote for Democrats.


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