Hive Awakens Synopsis

In his latest novel, Tom Johnson brings us a must-read alarming dystopian tale. Will a hive culture rise to govern us?

In the beginning decades of the 21st century, population control technology expands, religious freedoms dissolve, and governments strengthen their control over entire nations. Those sweeping changes happened without a whimper or complaint from the citizenry.

Apidae is a perfect land with a perfect hive-like structure, and perfect people called hive units. Each hiveu has perfect health, physical traits, body weight, skin, height, and intellect. The hive offers such perfection one can wonder why William and Isabelle are desperate to break free from the land. Their forbidden love for each other, combined with their desire for self-expression, draws attention from cluster leaders, which results in William’s and Isabelle’s placement on a dangerous watch list. The hive’s tyrannical nature comes into focus as they begin¬†mandatory¬†separation as ordered by Apidae watch groups.

Through DNA manipulation, Apidae creates defect-free hive units in the lab. The hive controls its population with individual brain regulating circuits, hi-tech video cameras, Intelligent Character Recognition Readers, cluster surveillance drones, and the relentless pursuit of the frightening Milo intent on destroying all rebellious hive units.


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