Heavenly Valley Passage – Synopsis

In Tom Johnson’s debut novel, SAVING CHRISTMAS, he offered a story of Aedan O’Beirne frantically searching across the Chicago area, during the Christmas holiday, for his missing wife, Ciara, and their son, Connor. The well-received story took the readers on a suspenseful saga that saw the transformation of Aedan into a completely different man as he drove himself to do whatever was needed o find his family before it was too late.

In this sequel, to SAVING CHRISTMAS, Aedan once again finds himself on a quest to save his family. The story starts with Aedan gathering helpful resources in downtown Chicago, and later he finds himself propelled across the country to the soaring heights of the Rocky Mountains. Aedan must face his deep-rooted fear of heights as he and his best friend, Eddie Sherman, crisscross the mountainous terrain while riding motorcycles as they search for Aedan’s family?

Will Aedan save his family from certain death?

On sale later 2022 at most major online retailers.