Forever Goodbye Synopsis

Aaron and Kailyn are deeply in love with bright futures stretching out before them. They plan to raise a family in the stunning and historic Oak Valley, a small Midwest town. The village is seemingly created for newly married couples and their children—with refreshingly clear streams, ponds, forests, parks, and quiet homes filling the landscape. Their lives are set to fill with joy.

                    After their wedding, and following their reception, the newlyweds set out on a driving trip to their honeymoon location—a beautiful resort set among the peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Not long after a stop at a high rest area among the mountain peaks, everything changes for them. FOREVER GOODBYE is a story of intense love, pain, and loss after a harsh event brings devastation into their lives.


 “I wasn’t sure about this book when I started reading it, considering the horrific beginning the young couple endures. But, after 10 minutes, I found it was such a quick read written in a journal format–I kept reading and wanting to give this book a chance. I found I was unable to put the book down and I couldn’t wait to see what Aaron’s next heroic adventure was going to be. I began to hope that Aaron and Mary would have their well-deserved happy ending.

 Forgetting this was fiction I said to my friend that I’d like to google Wheat & Meat, to go there to eat, look up Aaron & Mary in Poughkeepsie, even go to meet Fr Thomas in Oak Valley and go to Mass at his Church. That is when I knew I loved this book, I felt like an outsider looking in, it all seemed so real.” 

Thanks, Tom Johnson. I look forward to your next book!


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