Forever Again Synopsis

In this sequel to Tom Johnson’s acclaimed, FOREVER GOODBYE, Aaron and Mary Wright have been married for five years since their harrowing walk across the USA. Life has not been kind to them. They remain deeply in love with plans and desires for a bright and happy future stretching out before them. They live in a typical house in Poughkeepsie, NY, within a few miles from “Wheat & Wheat,”  a popular sandwich shop owned by Mary’s father.

            After their wedding, they settled into their new lives together, expecting to start a family. However, nature and circumstances bring the couple to near ruin, causing Aaron to turn back to the solutions of his past. Aaron convinces Mary to walk across the USA for a second time, with the hope that it will heal their marriage and their lives. He plots a different path and a different end location for this trip—designed to help them experience life together, again, as they had during the first trip.

 Will love win out in the end or will they fall into marital ruin?

Available for purchase soon at major online retailers.