Does God care about human Life? Part Four

Are unborn babies human lives? 

This is the final post in this blog stream, it is an excerpt taken from my, TRANSFORMED BY CHRIST series. This post centers on the topic: Are unborn babies human lives?

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Catholics can choose to learn their faith. One important place to start is with Pope Paul VI’s prophetic encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” posted on the Vatican website. Archbishop Chaput noted in his letter about the encyclical that Pope Paul VI warned of four cultural problems that would worsen if we ignored Church teachings regarding married life and contraception:

1. We would see a rise in “conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality.”

2. Men would lose respect for women, ignoring issues of their physical and emotional health, and would exploit them as instruments of selfish pleasure.

3. Contraception would be abused by “public authorities who take no heed of moral exigencies.” Today, first-world leaders regularly export “contraceptives, abortion and sterilization” to developing nations, often as a prerequisite for financial aid.

4. Human beings would be tempted to believe that they have “unlimited dominion” over their bodies.

Note: Each of those consequences has occurred — in a plethora of ways. Pope Paul VI was prophetic, and the current culture would do well to study his encyclical.

Catholics can choose to avoid voting for any pro-choice person for any public office. Many times Catholics will vote for people in lower-level offices who are pro-choice because those individuals do not have a direct impact on legal abortion; however, those politicians often run for higher office. If we remain firm in our faith by using our vote to support life, that will reduce the number of pro-choice people who run for higher office. Politicians still want our vote, never has it meant more than it does now. There are approximately 60-million Catholics in the USA. If we stand together, legal abortion will end.
Jesus warned us not to stop children from going to Him:

Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people; but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” And he laid his hands on them and went away. [Matthew 19:13-15 RSV-CE – Italics added]

We must not hinder children from going to our Lord. Jesus taught we must receive baptism by water and the Holy Spirit if we are to receive eternal life. Aborted babies never receive baptism by water. The Church holds the awesome hope that God, through His Mercy, will save the souls of aborted babies. However, the Church cannot guarantee salvation for those babies because it has not been revealed. Therefore, we must be cautious with the lives and souls of the most innocent people in our midst (unborn babies). Please go HERE to read a Vatican document entitled:


The issue of life should not be a political tool, nor should it be choice, it is not an option for us to keep or remove innocent life as we see fit. God creates every person, including us, in His image and likeness, from the moment of conception; therefore, we have no right to intentionally, willfully, and with full knowledge, take any innocent life.

It is critical to know the stages of develop for every human life, as follows:

  1. Zygote
  2.  Cellular Division
  3.  Embryo
  4.  Gestational Period
  5.  Embryonic Period
  6.  Second Trimester
  7.  Third Trimester.

We do not have the space in this post to explain each of the seven stages, yet it is important to note the first stage (zygote) begins after conception, the new human life is microscopic in this stage, yet the growing human life contains the entire DNA blueprint! Think about that reality and think about those who refer to that zygote as a simple potential, or as a simple cluster of cells–that life is so complex that it carries the entire DNA blueprint for the flourishing, growing baby. If you follow science, you have little room to maneuver on these points since science proves a zygote is a human life. What, then, does abortion do to that scientifically proven human life?

Image an anxious father jumping to his feet when he is called into a hospital room to  view a 3D scan of his baby flourishing in his wife’s womb. The couple wait for the image to fill the screen. They view the baby’s beating heart, the nurse technician pulls back the image to show them a full 3D view of their baby; the couple releases a gasp when they see the image–their baby’s hands, legs, face, skull, and body filled the screen with 3-dimensional reality, the likes of which they had never seen, and with details they could only have imagined. They joyfully watch as their baby’s face crinkled into different poses; at one point, the baby seemed to smile at them. The father hugs his wife, he whispers, “We are the richest people on earth!”

Ask yourself, regarding the couple above, do they believe unborn babies are human lives?

Unborn babies are not potentials–they are living small humans with souls.

Unborn babies are not commodities that can be tossed aside.

Unborn babies are the most vulnerable people on earth.

Unborn babies deserve life, no matter what the parents want.

Unborn babies are precious to the Lord.

The Lord Jesus was once an unborn baby.

Every person who has ever lived started human life as an unborn baby.

Embrace human life, for God and common sense tells us every person has the same path through this valley–we are conceived, we are born, one day we will pass this earth. We are joined together by far more than what separates us.


Embryonic stem cell research: The Church teaches we must protect all human persons from conception until natural death.

Adoption: The Church is a strong advocate of adoption and sees in it a means for fertile and infertile couples to share their gift of love with a child in need.

Birth control and various contraceptives: Please read paragraph #2370 in the Catechism. Also, please go to the internet site listed in the footnote for a brief explanation of Church teachings.

In Vitro Fertilization: The Church is against this practice. Please read paragraph #2377 in the Catechism.

Euthanasia: The Church is against this practice because we must protect human life from conception until natural death.

All issues in the list above deserve separate and detailed treatment, many books and papers exist for those subjects. The critical point to remember is that the Church and the Bible teach that we must hold human life as sacred from conception to natural death, without exception.

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