Face Masks do not work! Redux

As of July 20,2020, there are 30 states with mandatory mask wearing policies. Of those, the 18 earliest adopters of mask wearing (six weeks or longer), have the highest combined total deaths of 103,566.

The 12 most recent adopters of mandatory mask wearing has a combined total of 23,348 deaths.

The 20 states which have not adopted mandatory mask wearing have a combined total of  28,348 deaths.

We will call the first 18 states, GROUP A.
We will call the remaining 32 states, GROUP B.

Group A population: 153,321,000
Group B population: 176,679,000

Group A mortality rate: .067%
Group B mortality rate: .029%

*** The mortality rate for the population that has been wearing masks the longest is 2.3 times the mortality rate of the population that are recent adopters, or have no statewide mandates.

Valid questions arise from this data:

1. If mask wearing slows the spread of the coronavirus, why are the highest (combined) numbers of deaths found in the 18 states that have had mask mandates going back to early April, 2020?

2. GROUP A has a higher overall per state average population, yet many states in that group were early adopters of mask wearing. Therefore, if mask wearing slows the spread, shouldn’t we at the very least see a lower mortality rate for GROUP A (even if deaths counts were higher, the rate of deaths for the entire group should be lower if masks work, correct)?

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