Prince Gabriel’s Quest
Battle for Dochas Book One

In this class fantasy story, Thomas Johnson brings us a sweeping tale of a prince and his valiant quest to restore his land after a deadly attack wipes out half its population.

The Royal House of Azarael sends Prince Gabriel on a secret mission to a well-hidden site in the impressive Custelle Range along the western shores of their Continentem, Praespero.  

While crossing storm-swept seas, his royal vessel falls under a vicious attack. Lord Gabriel escapes death by leaping from the sinking ship. He struggles through tumultuous seas to the southwestern shores of Praespero, where he wanders, alone, through vacant farmlands until he encounters Aylin, a robust and brass woman from Imperium Bénézet.

As they trek across the land, Gabriel and Aylin create a company of trustworthy people to assist the prince in his plans for restoration.

Can Lord Gabriel lead his forces to victory before the enemy can bring further carnage?

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