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 [Tom Johnson (pictured above) is the founder and owner of Kepha Press.]

Tom Johnson lives in the Midwest. Tom loves ice cream and baseball (he coached Little League for eight years). He watches the movie, “Field of Dreams” at least once every year, and he has visited the movie/field many times.

Tom has a deep and prayerful Catholic Faith. He attends Daily Mass at various Churches, and he spends no less than 2-3 hours in prayer every day, which includes a one-hour Prayer-only Holy Hour he hosts at a local Catholic Church during the Mercy Hour (3:00 pm to 4:00 pm) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Tom routinely invites people to the Holy Hour. His philosophy is straightforward:  the world is a mess, and God can help us fix the mess; therefore, prayer is a critical tool for people to call upon God to help us repair the messes we have made.

Tom loves books. His past includes a long stint as a Data Center Manager for a major Fortune 500 company. After suffering a severe physical injury years ago, Tom decided to leave the computer world to focus his attention and energies on writing novels and Catholic non-fiction books, which is how Kepha Press was born.

Tom also loves Christmas. He spends 200-300 hours every year building his outdoor Christmas display, in his display he includes laminated prayer cards for the Biblical Christmas story, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. He has included an image of his display below (a work in progress) for this year (2023):

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A Word from the company:

At Kepha Press, we love printed books, in all genres and sub-genres, though currently, we publish traditional novels containing a plot centered on loving relationships between men and women, with marriage and weddings often part of the mix, etc.. 

We publish science fiction and fantasy novels, yet those stories also contain plots heavily focused on relationships between men and women. We publish books we enjoy reading, tales of men and women in loving relationships, working together to solve the problems they face, oftentimes they face overwhelming odds.

Kepha Press is a small firm. We hope to expand the reach of our company to include many writers and many book types (fiction and non-fiction). In this introduction, and throughout informational sections on this site, you will notice the use of the royal “we,” which is simply us defining things in a way that avoids the use of the annoying “I.” 

We have published several works of fiction and one non-fiction title, which you will find listed below. All titles have not yet been posted to this site. Come back often to see updates. We rely on word of mouth (and some advertising) to sell our books. We do not have a strong social media presence–if you enjoy our work, please spread the word. For your convenience, click on a book cover (below) to read more or to purchase. It is often said that our novels are safe for all audiences since they contain no gratuitous sex or violence. 

This site is a work in progress. Come back often for updates.

Thank you for visiting,

Tom Johnson
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